Tenet: Filmnetic Review

Source: Warner Bros

Christopher Nolan has done it again! The way you interpret that sentence will determine how much you will enjoy this movie. Nolan has created the ultimate “confusing yet intriguing” film in a way only he, himself ever could with his latest film “Tenet.” 

While “Tenet” at its core is an overly-complicated, plot-hole laden mess, Nolan once again proved himself to be the master of blockbuster cinema. But how can these two statements stand true at the same time? Well, that exact question perfectly encapsulates the plot of “Tenet.” 

The film is a technical masterpiece. The cinematography, production quality, and stunt work is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Nolan. He even manages to top his past stunt work with one of the most technically impressive action scenes ever put to film, made even more impressive by the exact scene occurring twice in the movie (one in forward time, one in reverse time) from different viewpoints.

Beyond the impressive technical work, Nolan has also committed himself to writing his scripts in a code that only he fully understands. The plot is ultra confusing with plot-holes riddled throughout.  Nolan makes very little effort to connect the dots for the audience, instead opting for a “throw ideas against a wall and see what sticks” approach to his scripts. 

So is this film worth your time? Yes, for the production quality alone. 

Is this movie really good? Yes. Is this movie really bad? Yes. 

Unlike the film itself, this review will make much more sense once you watch “Tenet.”

Filmnetic Grade: C+

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