The Dark Knight Trilogy: Filmnetic Review


Christopher Nolan’s career has come a long way since his iconic turn bringing Batman to the big screen. He has gone on to perfect the art of creating blockbuster films that get audiences talking, for better or worse. But how has his journey with the Caped Crusader held up after a decade of innovation?

Batman Begins

Source: Warner Bros

The first in the trilogy definitely qualifies as a “training-wheels” movie. Nolan was new to blockbuster movies, but still managed to make a decently entertaining action flick. The film does not hold up as well as some of his other films. He made the fatal mistake of casting Liam Neason as the one of the most famous Asian characters in all of comics, Ra’s al Ghul, which would have made the film DOA in 2020. 

The film itself is fun and watchable for the most part. It may be somewhat forgettable, but it gave Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan time to adjust to the environment and laid the groundwork for the one of the greatest films of all time.

Filmnetic Grade: B

The Dark Knight

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Nolan didn’t need much time to learn. He gloriously capitalized off the success and momentum of the first movie to create his best film to date by far. Nolan manages to create the perfect thriller that shines a light onto the dark realities of society while giving us iconic scene after iconic scene.  

The film is anchored by Heath Ledger’s transcendent performance as The Joker. His performance sold every twist and turn that the script gave to him, rightfully earning a posthumous Academy Award for the role.

This film rises above the bar set for blockbuster entertainment and left a legacy that is still used as the gold standard for comic book entertainment.

Filmnetic Grade: A+

The Dark Knight Rises

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It’s a nearly impossible task to try to get lightning to strike twice. Nolan’s third outing with Batman is as good as it could be given the circumstances. He had the impossible task of topping “The Dark Knight” while also tragically losing his Joker after Heath Ledger’s tragic passing between the films. 

The result is an underwhelming film that tries to do too much in too little time. While moments of greatness do shine through, the film lacks a real sense of direction and an over saturation of iconic comic book characters that are not given an appropriate amount of time to develop. 

Filmnetic Grade: B+

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