‘WandaVision’ trailer released, Emmys 2020 recap: This Week in Hollywood


It’s been a week of progress and regression in Hollywood’s COVID-19 recovery. Some exciting trailers and casting announcements managed to distract from the new round of release date shuffles that have already killed the 2020 movie going year. On the brightside side, 2020 is looking like a great year for TV. Lets check out what happened This Week in Hollywood.

Marvel Studios releases hotly anticipated trailer for ‘WandaVision’

Source: Disney

Marvel has officially kicked off the ad campaign for “WandaVision.” The first Disney+ streaming show from the comic book giant had a surprise TV spot during Sunday nights Emmy’s telecast. Marvel also released the first official poster for the show.

The trailer gives fans first look at the magical, mind bending series following the Scarlett Witch and Vision in a sitcom inspired world. The series release date has also been narrowed down to December 2020. 

Emmys Recap

Source: ABC

The 2020 Emmys had a few winners and many losers, including the show itself. TVs biggest night adapted the best it could to the social distancing format, but still managed to set a record law ratings for the telecast at 6.1 million viewers. The show itself continues to decline in the ratings even though its results prove to be very popular on social media. 

The show itself had some big winners. “Schitt’s Creek” managed to sweep the comedy acting category as well as the top comedy prize, Zendaya became the youngest actress to win lead actress in a drama for her role in “Euphoria,” ”Watchmen” pretty much swept the limited series category to win 11 total Emmys (the most of the night), and “Succession” took home the top prize of Best Drama.  

Disney shuffles release schedule… again 

Source: Disney

Disney has once again shuffled its release schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Black Widow” has once again moved back from Nov. 2020 to May 2021, which will make it delayed a total of one year. Marvel has also shifted “Eternals” back to Nov. 2021 and “Shang-Chi” to July 2021. This move changes the official release order, placing “Shang-Chi” ahead of “Eternals.”

Disney has also opted to keep Pixar’s “Soul” at its current release of Nov. 20, presumably to qualify for the 2020 awards season. Click here to check out a complete list of Disney’s release date switch up. 

Tom Cruise officially set to film his next movie in space

Source: Getty Images / Paramount

Yes you read that headline right. Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman are officially set to travel to the International Space Station with the help of Elon Musk’s Space X program. Not much is known about the movie itself besides it taking place in space (duh). The pair are scheduled to launch in Oct. 2021. 

Samuel L Jackson to reprise role as Nick Fury in new Disney+ show 

Source: Sony

Samuel L Jackson is showing no signs of slowing down in the MCU. Jackson is set to star in a new, mystery show for Disney+ set in the MCU. Rumor has it that the show could set up a “Secret Invasion” storyline featuring the shape-shifting Skrulls posing as humans on earth, which was teased at the end of “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Yara Shahidi cast as Tinkerbell for Disney’s live action ‘Peter Pan’

Source: AP

“Grown-ish” Star Yara Shahidi has landed the role of Tinker Bell in Disney’s live-action remake of Peter Pan. She joins Jude Law, who is set to play Captain Hook, for the reimagined story titled “Peter Pan and Wendy.” This makes Shahidi the first woman of color to take on the famous role, following in the footsteps of Halle Bailey who was cast as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” in 2019. 

Amazon fast tracking a spin-off of ‘The Boys’

Source: Amazon

Following its successful season 2 launch, Amazon has decided to fast track a spin-off of its popular, original show “The Boys.” The spin-off reportedly depicts a college for superheroes run by the evil corporation Vought. The show is set to have the same raunchy, gorey, evil superhero shenanigans that we’ve come to expect from “The Boys.”

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