Wrong Turn (2003): Halloween Review


Slasher horror has always been a very diverse genre. Slasher films have the potential to be intellectual masterpieces that revolutionize the art of film or mindless, gore-filled movies meant purely for entertainment. “Wrong Turn” is the epitome of mindless, gore-filled entertainment… but in the best way possible. 

While “Wrong Turn” has absolutely no cultural value, it still serves as the perfect horror movie night to prepare for Halloween. The film follows a group of hikers whose car break down in the middle of the West Virginian forest occupied only by a family of hillbilly, inbred cannibals. Need I say more? The surprisingly decent cast does a lot to sell the nightmarish plot, while the plot itself gives you everything you would hope for in a low-budget slasher flick. 

The concept is cliché and the film itself is derivative of so many that came before, but it’s relentless execution of its simple premise gives the audience the very graphic and horrifying experience of living out your worst nightmare. Watching this film has become a Halloween tradition for me. It’s one of the only horror movies that genuinely scares and thrills me, even though I’m not handing the film any awards. Just the pure thought of being in the character’s situation myself is enough freak me out to my core. 

“Wrong Turn” is also the first in a franchise of six films, all of which scratch the same, simple itch, and make for quite the Halloween movie marathon. If you are one of those people that love cheap, SyFy channel horror movies, this is by far one of the best ones they have to offer. 

Filmnetic Grade: B+

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