Benedict Cumberbatch to join Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ as Doctor Strange

Source: Marvel Studios

Fandom dreams of a live-action Spider-verse are becoming more and more likely. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will appear with Tom Holland in his third “Spider-Man” film at Marvel Studios. 

Cumberbatch will reportedly be taking over Peter Parker’s mentor role in the absence of Tony Stark. The role will most likely connect Spider-Man to the to the multiverse concept that is being brought into the MCU by “WandaVision” and “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.”

Check out this article to learn more about the multiverse concept and how it could affect the MCU moving forward:

Doctor Strange’s presence in the film would explain how Jaime Foxx’s Electro was able to jump over from Andrew Garfields “The Amazing Spider-Man” universe. It will also likely connect the story to Doctor Strange’s next solo film that is set to release soon after the next spidey film. 

“Spider-Man 3” is set to begin filming at the end of October in Atlanta, while “Multiverse of Madness” is also set to being filming later this month in London.  

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