The Boys (Season 2): Filmnetic Review

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In its second season, “The Boys” continues its diabolical onslaught of superhero action and social commentary. What started as a parody of the DC’s Justice League has developed into its own unique take on the superhero genre as an exploration of the darker corners of society. The simple premise of a superhero team that is controlled by a capitalist corporation allows the show to scratch multiple itches at once. 

On one hand, there is the unique thrill factor that this show offers. Not only does Amazon Prime spare no expense for the detailed special effects that come with superhero entertainment, but it manages to execute it a uniquely dark way. Season 2 ups its own standards by continuing to find unique ways to utilize classic superpowers without the traditional PG-13 filter. 

On the other hand, there is the vast commentary on capitalist society. Who would have thought that a superhero show would be able to successfully execute something like this? Season 2 manages to take this even further by exploring even more evil parts of our society, specifically how righteous movements can be highjacked by people with bad intentions. 

The cast continues to be one of the most impressive assets of the show. Antony Starr’s Homelander is a brilliant portrayal of an evil version of Superman, with an unpredictable arc that seems to just be getting started. Aya Cash’s Stormfront is a very interesting addition to the show. Her character makes a strong impression, even though her character arc is a mixed bag.  

Overall, season 2 of “The Boys” is incredible, but unlike season 1, it seemed to be a bridge season to set up a long future for the show. Season 1 was made without Amazon knowing whether or not the show would be a hit, but season 2 started playing the long game by broadening its focus. With a 3rd season already green lit and a spin-off being fast tracked, now is the perfect time to join the party. 

Filmnetic Grade: A

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