IT: Chapter 1 (2017): Halloween Review


The first chapter of the Warner Bros. remake of “IT” came out into massive audience interest and praise. It became the No. 1 horror movie of all time at the worldwide box office grossing $700 million. So why did this R-rated horror film connect with audiences in a way that only PG-13 family films have done in the past?

2017’s “IT Chapter 1” redefined the potential for horror blockbusters, and it did so by telling a relatable story about childhood fears that everyone still faces. The real horror behind the story of “IT” is the fear that comes with growing up and the reality that those fears never really go away.

“IT Chapter 1” beautifully captures adolescent fears using a demon clown as a plot device to bring them out. Unlike the original 1990 mini-series, this film is able to tackle those themes in greater detail and depth.

This version of the story also improves upon the original casting, which had a phenomenal cast to begin with. Bill Skarsgård’s performance as Pennywise rivals the iconic one given by Tim Curry in the 90s. Your individual preference is the only deciding factor for who was better.

The child actors cast as The Losers Club is the real spectacular discovery. Every child actor in the cast brings everything they have into their roles, and they manage to all stand together to give each other room to shine. It’s no surprise that these child actors benefited the most from being cast in this franchise.

If you are into horror stories with depth, there’s no better one than “IT Chapter 1.” This film has everything from terrifying set pieces to a strong ensemble cast, and it should be on your Halloween watch list every year.

Filmnetic Grade: A

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