The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi: Filmnetic Review


Warning: Spoilers for ‘The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi’ ahead

The episode fans have been waiting for is finally here. After years of ups and downs and an army of fans at his back, Star Wars animation master mind Dave Filoni finally got the opportunity to bring his prized creation into live-action.

“The Mandalorian” season 2 episode 5 introduces Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) to the live-action Star Wars universe. Ahsoka is a fully trained Jedi who started out as Padawan to Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vadar) in Filonis animated television show “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Check out this article for more info on what this means for the future of “The Mandalorian.”

As for the episode itself, for an episode that fans have been waiting for since Dawson’s rumored casting months ago, Filoni thought a bit too small. After a season full of blockbuster level special effects and action sequences, the introduction of Ahsoka seemed to be a bit of a cheap out for Lucasfilm.

The action sequences were very good. Ahsoka’s skills with a lightsaber are not those of myths. Despite all of the incredible work the show runners accomplished with this episode, it still sort of shoots itself in the foot by noticeably cutting corners with Ahsoka’s power set.

Multiple times throughout the episode, Ahsoka uses the force to jump high in the air, but the camera only sees her jump and subsequently land. Only half of the final lightsaber showdown between Ahsoka and the Magistrate appears on screen. The result is a noticeably cheaper episode that returns this show down to normal television standards instead of the blockbuster spectacle that the show sold itself on earlier this season.

Source: Lucasfilm

The good news is that this is the only critique in an otherwise incredible episode. Despite the incredible presence of Ahsoka, this show still very much belongs to Mando and Baby Yoda (now with an official name.) Ahsoka brings her years of wisdom to the help find a path forward for the father son duo.

Gorgu’s (formerly The Child) backstory finally takes center stage. His past training with the Jedi before the rise of the Empire sets him up for a return to form in upcoming episodes. Ahsoka teased the presence of another Jedi in the bubble of the show, which fans are already throwing out their top choices to become Gorgu’s master.

Ahsoka also teased the arrival of fan-favorite villain Grand Admiral Thrawn, who has not been seen since the end of Filoni’s other animated show “Star Wars: Rebels.” Thankfully, it seems like Ahsoka will not be a cameo character, and will continue to pop up around the Star Wars universe in this season and many seasons to come.

Overall, this episode is, ideally, an incredible appetizer for what’s to come with these characters.

Filmnetic Grade: A

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