How Daredevil can be revived on Disney+


Marvel Studios is expanding its footprint using an army of upcoming television shows on Disney+. It leaves fans wondering if there is any room for some of Marvel Television’s earliest successes. Fans of Netflix’s series of Marvel superhero shows are begging to see these heroes cross paths with the Avengers. Now that Marvel Studios has full control over Marvel Television, will Kevin Feige want to continue a franchise that he didn’t start?

All Marvel Television shows to date have been in a one-sided relationship with the MCU movies. From “Agents of Shield” to “The Defenders,” audiences could not go a single episode without a crossover, reference, or Easter egg from the movies. Have the movies returned the favor? Absolutely not. The only explicit reference in the movies was bringing back “Agent Carter’s” James D’Arcy back for a cameo in “Avengers: Endgame.” Other than that, not a single reference to the existence of the Netflix series of “Defenders” shows.

Many fans argue that “Daredevil” is the only show worth bringing into the main MCU. The character is a Marvel classic. The cast of the show is arguably too valuable to recast and reboot. Rumor has it that the only show Feige will consider reviving is “Daredevil” because of Charlie Cox’s incredible portrayal of Matt Murdock. So how can Marvel feasibly do this without bringing back characters like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? Well, the reality is that “Avengers: Endgame” perfectly sets up a revival.

At the end of season 3 of “Daredevil,” things seem to be returning to normal for Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Karen Page. Long-running storylines were satisfied, so there is no need to worry about previous choices made interfering with the MCU at large. “Endgame” also had a five-year time jump and half the population snapped to dust.

The five-year time jump could set up a return for fan-favorite character Elektra (Elodie Yung) after her apparent second death at the end of “The Defenders.” If Matt Murdock survived a building falling on top of him, the odds are that a skilled assassin who has escaped death before could too. The time jump would make Yung’s return perfect and provide an interesting new dynamic between the ex-couple.

Five years after the fall of Wilson Fisk, losing half of the people they love, and a new beginning for Nelson and Murdock’s law practice most likely means that Matt Murdock and company have to deal with an entirely new set of issues and adventures. The show could reimagine itself to exclude any trace of the previous series by giving the characters new identities that don’t erase the progress made in the original show but allow the characters to move forward and experience new issues that move “Daredevil” away from “The Defenders” and towards “The Avengers.”

Source: Netflix / Marvel

One plot thread not currently tied up from the original show is the fall and rise of classic comic book villain Bullseye. Fans fell in love with Wilson Bethel’s performance as the famous sharpshooter before he even got the chance to take center stage. A five-year time jump could be perfect to set up his return as a fully realized villain and significant threat to Matt Murdock and Hell’s Kitchen.

Do you think Marvel Studios should revive “Daredevil?” Do you think that there are other shows and characters worth reviving in the MCU? Let us know down below.

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