WandaVision Episode 3: Filmnetic Review

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Spoiler warning for Episode 3 of WandaVision

After its rather sedated debut last Friday, many fans were hoping for a little bit more Marvel flare from WandaVision. The sitcom style has proven divisive among the fanbase, but its incredible execution continues to justify the absence of the traditional Marvel tone so far.

This episode follows Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision’s (Paul Bettany) unexpected pregnancy journey that leads twins in less that 24 hours. The episodes concludes with Teyonah Parris’s Geraldine, who seems to be glitching out of the mysterious illusion of the show, prying herself into Wanda’s life.

This episode in particular was a playground for comics fans. The Easter eggs laid throughout the episode are more significant that the past two episodes, and fans of the comics know exactly what’s coming. Wanda’s twin are fan favorite characters in the comics and it looks like Marvel is following the comics more than initially thought.

The third epsiode acts as a full transition episode that solidifies its connection to the greater MCU. Because of its transitional qualities, this episode should have been released along with the first two episodes. If it would have been more beneficial for fans to have the first three episodes as a starting point because it makes the identity of the show come into focus.

This episode draws attention away from Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes, while at the same time teasing that she has a deeper connection to the mystery than initially indicated. In fact, it seems like everyone in the town has some sort of connection to the mystery that is yet to be explored.

Overall, this episode is the perfect sister episode to the first two, and it definitely should have been released last week as well. From here, WandaVision seems to be taking off at full speed into the mystery and into the main MCU.

Filmnetic Grade: A

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