WandaVision Episode 6: Filmnetic Review


Spoiler warning for WandaVision Episode 6

The more we learn about WandaVision, the less we know about the true mystery plaguing the town of Westview. What started as a intriguing journey into classic sitcoms turned into a mind bending mystery with countless layers and unexplainable twists to the point of confusion for many viewers. Episode 6 seems to create more questions than it answers, but in a way that is essential to set up the final act of this epic story.

This episode recreates the classic sitcom trope of a Halloween special with the added twist of Evan Peters’ inclusion as a different version of Wanda’s dead brother. Wanda and Vision both struggle with their sense of reality but in very different ways. The episode concludes in the epic expansion of the mystery (literally) further than we ever thought was previously possible.

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Peters’ new version of Quicksilver seems to be the most intriguing mystery of the show so far. His characterization is so far from both Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s MCU version of Quicksilver and Peters’ previous portrayal in the Fox / X-Men universe. However, his obsession with Wanda’s twins and his constant hinting at some kind of devilish intention sets him up as the key to the overall mystery of the show.

Vision’s journey this episode expands the world within the illusion and tragically shows the danger he’s in both inside and outside the Westview anomaly. Its become exceedingly clear that someone is trying to pit Wanda and Vision against one another for a mysterious reason, but their connection seems to be far too strong to break so easily.

The biggest development in this episode, at least from a fan perspective, the true origin of Wiccan and Speed’s powers in the MCU. Fans of the comics know how incredible these characters have the potential to be, and their perfectly teased ability development should excited viewers of the show more than anything else.

Finally, how well does this episode stand on its own? Well, it is a very important episode, but its not very satisfying at all. It introduces far more questions than it answers, but it was necessary for this episode to sacrifice satisfaction in order to set up the final act of this epic story. Expect the final three episodes to sprint towards the finish line with the big reveals and epic surprises that we’ve expected since the beginning.

Overall, this episode intentionally shakes up the playing field so that the shock and awe of the next few installments will be even more potent than ever thought possible.

Filmnetic Grade: A

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