WandaVision Episode 8: Filmnetic Review

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlett Witch in WandaVision on Disney+

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Spoiler Alert for WandaVision Episode 8

Fans have waited patiently for Marvel Studios to show off what makes this show so special. In its penultimate episode, WandaVision finally flexes its dramatic muscles in a heartbreaking look into Wanda’s traumatic past.

This episode is a refreshing change of pace from the typical sitcom style of the past, but with the emotional depth that makes all of the other episodes resonate on a deeper level. Episode 8 takes a deep dive into Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) past through a series of rerun style flashbacks with a magical, mind-bending twist. Despite not providing all of the answers that fans were looking for, it made up for it by fleshing out characters and events that seemed a little ambiguous up until this point.

The shining light in this episode by far is Elizabeth Olsen’s performance. Wanda’s journey through her traumatic past transformed the character into the Scarlett Witch that we all know and love, and Olsen more than carried her weight in selling the journey. She continues to show off her dramatic range while carrying WandaVision into its final stretch.

Kathryn Hahn also manages to impress even more in a more dramatic performance that proved she can maintain the perfect balance between comedy and drama. Agatha Harkness is fleshed out into an interesting balance between being both Wanda’s antagonist and mentor, which made for an interesting dynamic for this episode, and hopefully, for the future of the MCU.

The rest of the episode is fairly separated from the rest of the show. Monica, Darcy, Jimmy, and modern Vision are all noticeably absent, but next week’s season finale will surely be an explosive showcase of everything this show has to offer.

The legacy of this show in the MCU will be partially defined by this episode. Its relevance and importance will carry over into future Marvel projects, and this episode will forever be known as a defining moment in the legacy of the Scarlett Witch.

Filmnetic Grade: A+

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