WandaVision Finale: Filmnetic Review

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Spoiler Warning for WandaVision Episode 9

After weeks of questions, answers, and misdirects, WandaVision finally concludes with a spectacular finale that grounded fans more than it satisfied them. The ultimate legacy of this show will be the lessons that both fans (and Marvel) will hopefully take from the journey.

This episode had a surprising lack of twists and turns, but it did give fans the explosive Marvel action that was promised. The episode beautifully unveiled the true purpose of the show all along: the dawn of The Scarlett Witch. Wanda and Vision’s relationship, the theme of family, and overcoming grief was the heart of the show all along, and Marvel stuck that landing.

Marvel Studios’ one mistake with WandaVision overall was throwing in too many misdirects. Not only did it detract from the true beauty of the show, but it let fans set themselves up for disappointment by their own encouragement. Teasing cameos, crossovers, and massive plot twists only allowed for a warped sense of expectations to spread across the internet, and Marvel will probably learn that lesson with this show.

The finale’s full reveal of Wanda as the Scarlett Witch is the main reason for this show to exist. Her arc in this show is essential to the future of the MCU and set up Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in a different way than expected. Still, its exciting to finally get confirmation that Wanda will be a huge player in the MCU moving forward.

Vision’s future in the MCU is a little hazy after this episode, but his connection with Wanda and his subsequent (3rd) death is essential to Wanda’s journey. Paul Bettany’s misdirect about a legendary cameo will either become iconic or infamous with the fan base, but in the greater scheme of things, a shock and awe cameo would have only distracted from the message and themes of the show.

If there is any true critique that I would give to the finale, its that it extensively set up the future of the MCU a little more than expected. By giving more sprawling questions than answers, the finale made the show itself seem more like an MCU appetizer than a main course. This is not surprising because Marvel traditionally does this with a lot of its projects, but the arc and message of WandaVision now plays second fiddle to the teases, and does not get the full attention it deserves.

Filmnetic Grade (the finale): A

Filmnetic Grade (the show): A+

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